Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Together at last?

In the weeks that followed the letter, I found out I was supposed to receive a promotion at work to 1st shift Team Leader with some added responsibilities. Now, since I wouldnt be filling that need, they had to get someone else. Luckily I still moved to 1st shift, but it was really hard knowing I missed the opportunity for a job I wanted and earned. The toughest thing for me though, was knowing that Rachael and I finally had the normal life we'd dreamed of for like 10 years, and it was being ripped away from us.

As most of you know, Rachael and I have been "together" since high school (with one brief break period, but lets not go there). I put "together" in quotes because even though we dated for so long, we were never actually in the same spot at the same time. She went to Princeton, I went to Widener. She was still at Princeton, I was 6 hours away in the Army. She graduated, I went to Afghanistan. I got back, we got engaged, she moved home . . and I moved to Lancaster for work. We got married, bought a house together, ready to start our normal life together at last . . . . but I work night shift for over a year and a half. Then, when it really all does look like its coming together, I get 1st shift, an awesome job, and. . .well, you know what happens next.