Thursday, January 15, 2009

I still care?

I don’t know if I still care, but I sure do still get angry. I know this because after reading this article, the blood rushed to my face and I got all sorts of pissed off for no apparent reason. Seriously, they ship us off to war and separate us from our families and loved ones for years at a time, and the Army has the nerve to tell them they can't drink BEFORE they leave? and not just a couple days before leaving, but 3-4 MONTHS before leaving? Are you kidding me? What a joke . . . .

10 days and counting until I am off their books forever!

Monday, January 5, 2009

New orders

The Army actually sent me "muster" orders last month. What is a muster besides a really stupid word that loses all meaning after you say it like 3 times? Besides this outdated article (the only one I could find - surprise!), it's the Army's way of physically accounting for me. So . . . I guess 18 months of being on their active books while in Iraq wasn't enough to physically account for me?? HRC, I laugh at your muster orders. Laughing while I tear them up. I have 20 days until my MSO (Military Service Obligation, which I know you have no idea about since your record keeping is awful), so good luck getting me back in. But hey, thanks, once again, for reminding me why I got out - twice! For the rest of you who got IRR muster orders and have served your time - fight the power. If they cant keep track of us with all the non-deployable HRC people they got, that's their problem.