Monday, February 12, 2007

The land of powerpoint

The last two weeks in Fort Lee have been great, yet depressing. We have nice accommodations, free time, and an overall stress free environment - much different than Ft. Jackson and the Drill sgts. The best part about being here is that I am relatively close to home, so for the last two weekends I have been able to see Rachael and my family. Yet, when I come back to Ft. Lee after a weekend of normality, it’s tougher than ever to get my mind wrapped around this vacation again.

The training here consists of nothing more than classroom instruction. At 8:30am every day we go to class, sit through about 975 PowerPoint slides, and get released around 4pm. So our minds have alot of time to wander - especially my ADD riddled mind. I think it was actually easier at Fort Jackson because when you are physically engaged in tough training, your mind is focused on completing the task at hand. When you are in a warm, comfortable classroom, your mind tends to think about other things - in my case other things are home and the life I had a short time ago.

Ok at this point I'm asking myself - wow, am I really complaining about being in a hotel and seeing my family?? The point is, I wish I was in Iraq already - right now it just seems like we were called up from IRR to sit around and think about being called up from IRR (the bad part of a blog is that I am now documented as saying that, so in 6 months if I am bitching about Iraq it'll look pretty stupid). The point I am trying to make is that I can’t wait to have a more engaging and tough mission to take my mind off being away from my family. My next stop on the IRR tour should provide that, since we will be joining our actual unit and conducting mission specific training for several weeks before Iraq. I probably wont write anymore until I get there, since there is much else to say about the world of powerpoint. Oh yea – if anyone has questions or comments, please post them in the comment section. I’d love to answer any questions/comments that come to mind!


Tim said...


You Aunt Cathy just sent me the link to your blog so I will be following it while you are there and until you get home. I am Jeffrey's Brother Tim, I was best man at thier wedding, I am sitting in the Gulf area myself on the USS John C. Stennis, I am in VAQ-138. We will be here for most of the 2007 supporting you guys on the ground as best as possible. Are you going back with the 10th Mountain Div? Who will you be with if not? As a former Marine Infantryman I know what it is like on the ground. We were suppose to be out there but as you know orders change and they send another Squadron.

Take Care and as you know already, don't eat the camel meat you will get the runs like you never have before.


Wolf said...


I received your blog address from your Mom. I look forward to staying connected with you by reading your blog. Be Well and God Speed.

Coach Wakely
"Chester Wolf, Satan" among others I am sure

Jason said...

Thanks Coach!

Tim - I remember the camel meat . . .I think I lost 5 pounds last time I ate it .. . hope the rest of your deployment goes quick!