Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Things are still frustrating in my little sector of Iraq. However, elsewhere, things are going well. So well, in fact, it seems that the Shia militia is taking some time off. This is good news! Why isn't there more coverage of it?? We didn't even know here, and we supposedly have a few members of JAM working for us (no, seriously, but that of course is rumor). In addition to that, I've talked to a few of my Marine buddies out West, and the reports there are even better. This is very positive news; news that shows a certain strategy is working. However, I am not qualified to make any assessments about how that level of strategy is working. All I know is what i see on the ground and what I hear from other Soldiers; and what I hear is that things are looking up.

Actually, the same can be said for our operations here. After I spent a few days in the IZ, I got a much better picture of how things are going to pan out here. I spent much of my time running around with another IRR CPT who has way to much responsibility (the joke amongst us IRR call-ups is that, despite our attitudes, we actually are responsible for way more then we should be.) We were able to clarify many of the funding issues I have been having, and had several meetings discussing how the Depot should look post-construction. If you look at COL TS's blog linked on the right, you can read about how close we are to having a reliable power source. This will be a huge upgrade and will definitely give the Iraqi's something to feel good about. I was happy to finally feel like progress is being made, and my attitude upon returning has been noticeably better.

I don't have much more to write about but I wanted to post a quick update. I have been traveling back and forth from Baghdad more as I try and get some of our projects online, so there might be a lag in between posts. I have started a countdown until I come home for leave - just about 2 months now! Hopefully I will feel inspired and write again soon.


David M said...

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Anonymous said...

Throughout the OIF experience when the Shia milita or Sunni insurgency appeared to be "taking time off" they were in fact regrouping, rearming and planning future ops.

Once the Ramadan season starts approximately next week, you will notice the natives becoming incrementally "edgier" each day of their fasting of food, smoking and other personal sacrifices.

Don't get complacent (i.e. counting down until vacation). Now is the time to pay special attention to Mookies boys or other sand fleas.

Jason said...

That's a good point; I definitly don't feel complacency setting in, and increased traveling has heightened my awareness even further. That being said, I know that looking forward to R&R can be a distractor. Thanks for the comment!

Joe Donato said...

When ever there is good news like this, you can always count on chicken little to stick his finger in your eye.
Chin up, all is looking better, keep counting the days, see ya soon !

Mike P said...

Hey Kid Happy B-day! Coming from an old roommate with the same B-day.

Come home safe!