Sunday, April 22, 2007

No Time .. .

Quick! Who sings that song? Growing up, my mother loved to play the "radio game" with me; the game was simply scrolling the radio dial and identifying the artist singing the current song. I used to hate when The Guess Who came on, because I would ask about 30 times who it was and my mom just kept saying "Guess Who”? I was thinking about these times last week when Jake and I were playing it as we drove to Richmond for training. After I soundly thumped him 50-20 I rehashed the source of my internal musical library.

This last week I went back to Ft. Lee in Richmond, VA for extra logistical training. I will be in charge training the Iraqi Army in logistic operations so this 5 day course was beneficial. There were some funny stories that came out of training, since we were in Richmond and had a good deal of free time.

In the middle of the week we (SFC Bernier, Jake and I) stopped by a Harley Davidson shop, just to look around and fantasize about loud bikes. As we were leaving, the check out lady told us to stop by Hooters the next day so we could meet the Harley models, who happened to be in the shop at the time. The one of us had the bright idea to meet them now and get IN their photo shoot. The magazine editor thought this was a great idea, so we ended up posing with some of the models and could wind up in the magazine when its published. I hope they publish it, even though my face was 10 different shades of red the entire time!

They invited us to come back on Friday for more photo ops and a chance to be a part of the NWA wrestling event they were hosting. This was really cool since we treated like VIPs the entire time - our ticket was free and we were hanging out with the performers prior to the show! The wrestling show was good; I've never seen a live wrestling event and I was impressed at the athleticism of those guys. The final event was a 4-way tag team event, which the Dudley Boys eventually won. After they won and help up their title belt, they called the crowd's attention to us and said 'There are the real hero's'! Then, they called us up on stage, shook our hands and gave us a piece of the table they used to win the match (there were 5 of us total, the 3 I mentioned and two E-7s from Ft Lee). There is going to be a DVD of the event and the GM has promised to send a copy, so when I get it I will rip that portion onto youtube and post it here.

I am glad for the opportunity to have a good time in Richmond, since we leave in the next week or so. I will post once again after I get computer access in Kuwait, and the again once I get to Iraq. Check out the pics for some shots of me with the Harley models!

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