Sunday, April 1, 2007

White Space

No, white space is not the area between my head that is attributed to my most (un)brilliant moments. White Space is actually an Army term that represents a block of time with unscheduled training that needs to get filled. This past week was dripping with White Space. It’s also finally springtime here in Kansas, and unfortunately everything looks about the same as it did during winter. Not totally the same, but I am used to spring in PA where dozens of different trees come back to green life. It's very anti-climatic here; the grass gets a little greener and dandelions appear in a matter of minutes, and that's it. In any event, with spring comes Easter, and Easter means I get to go home and see my family!

As I posted before, we had an M240B range which went really well; much better than the .50cal range. If you haven’t already, check out the video's embedded into my last post. The rest of the week was mostly MS Office training. That's right - the US Army feels a vital, combat necessary skill is the ability to create professional looking memo's and PowerPoint presentations. I could dissect this a thousand different ways, but overall I have to say it was actually beneficial. Granted, there were about 72 times I wanted to jam my pen through my eyes in sheer boredom caused by my overactive ADD, but in all the training was useful and I actually learned something. Lookout Iraqi militias, or its death by PowerPoint for you too!

On Saturday, I had my team rehearse convoy "battle drills". Battle drills are just actions that we take during a certain type of encounter. This was time well spent since next week is going to be a full week of Mounted Combat Patrols. I am glad this last week was sort of slow because next week is going to have some long days. However, this week has a really bright light at the end since I am going home!

Speaking of going home, if I seem excited about it, I’m not doing a good job of conveying my emotions. Thrilled, ecstatic, elated . . . . . I don’t know if any of those words can put meaning into my emotions. It’s been about 8 weeks since I last saw Rachael and Chester, or my mom and dad and brother and sisters; I miss them more than anything written here can describe. I would definitely say I have the easier end of it, though. I have a day packed with training, in a different place, with different people and a different mindset. Rachael, on the other-hand, has to be much, much stronger than me. She comes home everyday to our house and watches Chester run upstairs to find me. She does the everyday routines that we used to do together alone now, and has to be constantly reminded of my absence. I thank God everyday that she’s as tough as she is and that I am blessed to have her in my life.

One more comment I’d like to make is to the MN Lax team. I want to thank all you guys for your support and your comments. It seems like 100 years ago that PJ, Brett, Kevin and I were on the end line doing sprints with Tommie telling us to “C’mon guys!” As much as it sucked at the time, I’d give anything to be back on that end line with one more shot at a state title. Good Luck this season and kick some Ridley ass!!

Finally, Happy 21st Birthday Cailey and Patrick! I remember my 21st birthday . . . actually, no I don't. Anyway, have a great birthday and I'll see you on Saturday!


Anonymous said...

dude you gotta chill with these sentimental about to be 21 and your getting me all choked up and shit reading these blogs! I love you and rachael both though and your strength together is an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Whoa! Chill with the Ridley bashing!!!

- Becky