Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Are we there yet?

That's the question I must have asked myself about a thousand times on my way back from leave. The journey home seemed longer because of the anticipation, but it was a happy anticipation. It was a smiling, overly happy, I-can-sit-in-this-same-spot-for-10-days-if-it-means- I-am-gonna-be-home kinda mentality. Going home, everything just worked out perfect. I knew a Sergeant Major in Kuwait, so I was able to get on an earlier flight home to the States - two days earlier than anyone expected me - so you imagine the surprise on Rachael's face when I showed up in her office in uniform! Everything else while I was home on leave was great as well - my dog remembered me, I didn't lose my shirt in Vegas, and we had 60 family members over for Thanksgiving. It was hard for me to leave everything and everyone I love, again, and come back here.

I really didn't care how the trip back here went, although it did go fairly smooth. It's a long trip - 18 hours of flying with 6 different stops. That doesn't even include a minimum of 8 hours in three of the stops just waiting, and then another day or so in Iraq waiting for transportation back to Taji. Now, here I am, 3 and a half days of traveling and a crap load of jet lag later, counting down the days until I am home for good. My mood is improving a little as I get back into the daily routine here, and there has been some changes since I left that I'll write more about later. For now though, I just look forward to getting back into a rhythm where the days melt away like they did before leave!


lela said...

Glad your leave was wonderful and your travel fairly uneventful. Hope the rest of your Iraq Vacation goes as quickly as the first half... Please keep blogging, we do appreciate the information you give us. It helps those of us with loved ones also in Iraq to know what's going on from someone who really knows. Thanks!

Er Pichi said...

El Capitan,

Welcome back!! Glad you had a good time now get back to work!!

Speaking of work, when are those trailers for the interpreters going to be set up and ready for them to move into?

A Two Bits Team Member

Bag Blog said...

May your vacation memories carry you through the rest of your deployment and may the time go quickly.

SecretAsianMan said...

Welcome back. Only a 149 to go! Hopefully sooner.

Neighbor Dan said...

did you watch the Eagles game again?