Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Ain't no party like an Iraqi Party

Well Ramadan is finally over, which means the end of hiding our drinking habits from the Iraqi's and also the end of their fast. Instead of having a Mardi Gras-type celebration before their fasting period, Muslim's have a big 4 day feast after the big fast. This year, we were fortunate to be invited (for some us it was actually rather unfortunate. As in, the next day was spent doing the 100 meter dash across our gravel lot to the bathroom type unfortunate. But I digress . . . .)
The feast began with us starting a fire and getting some hot coals ready for the fire pit. With enough hot coals for the food, the Iraqi's broke out their traditional Hookah pipe. Now, I know what this looks like, but I swear, it was only strawberry tobacco . . . and I didn't inhale . . .ok maybe just a little.
Next, they began cooking the traditional meal of lamb and assorted veggies with and kobez, which is basically just a flat bread. I think the unfortunate among us were those who enjoyed a little too much lamb, but what doesn't kill you only makes you stronger, right?
After dinner we smoked the hookah a little more and meandered around talking to different people. It was a fun time for everyone, a time for us to relax and them to celebrate. Nothing real exciting happened beyond that, so hopefully these pictures have spruced up this entry!

NOTE: The people in the last picture are not actually faceless bodies. I just smudged out their faces for security reasons.


Anonymous said...

Avoid eating the fish from the Tigris and Euphrates also.

Jason said...

yea. . . I learned that lesson a few months ago. It pains me to think about it now!

David M said...

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