Friday, October 5, 2007

Things you dont see everyday

Last time I was in Baghdad I saw this sign:
This sign really confuses me. At first I thought it was a joke, like the "Coming Soon . . . Walmart" ad here in Taji (picture to follow in a later blog), but then someone told me it was an official sign. My question is, do they really feel this sign is the answer? Like, I am walking down the street, M4 in one hand and flask of Wild Turkey in the other, and I stumble upon this sign and say "Oh crap, I forgot! Better go put my M4 away so I can continue to get sloshed!" Which brings me to another point. This sign implies that if your NOT under arms it's perfectly acceptable to drink. So its not enough that they ban all US Military from drinking, but now they have to go and throw this sign up in our face to remind us that other state department officials are not only armed but allowed to drink?

Here's another thing you dont see everyday:Yes, that's a group of us in a huddle playing flag football. In Iraq. Where it's still 106 degrees out. Why do we do this to ourselves? I guess this answers the age old question: Which is better? Extreme dehydration or insanity provoking boredom?


Steph said...

Jaysus, I would have thought you'd all be off looking at porn.

Jason said...

yea . . . that's not allowed either!

Andy said...

Habbaniyah had a sign that said "Don't Feed the Bears".